Keepintime 12" Series: No. 3 Of 3


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  • 1. Oh No - A Remix In Three Parts
  • 2. GB, Mainframe & Ricci Rucker - Doble Ooh (Remix)
  • 3. Ta'Raach - Lovelution (Remix)
  • 4. Coleman - Paulista (Remix)
  • 5. Rednose Distrikt - Rednose (Remix)

The key part of this project is a beautiful heartfelt thirteen minute short film 'Talking Drums and Whispering Vinyl' - scratch deejays like Babu, J.Rocc & Cut Chemist pay tribute to the godfathers of drum breaks like the late Roy Porter, Earl Palmer, Paul Humphrey and James Gadson. The latter three sit in with these deejays and witness them creating all new pieces with their breaks - extra sick is the call and response between Paul Humphrey and Cut. 'A Live Recording' runs 54 minutes - an incredible jamdown between the aforementioned artists minus Earl Palmer plus Derf Reklaw, Madlib, Nu-Mark, Shortcut and DJ Shadow. Bonus features include B+ video's, discography's, essays by B+ & Dave Tompkins and trailer. The 12" is a killer selection of remixes and reinterpretations by a.o. Oh No, Ta'Raach & Rednose Distrikt.

This original pressing from 2005 with silkscreened cover is in almost perfect condition

  • Condition: NM (Vinyl) / NM (Cover)
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