Selected reviews, interviews & features of Animist Records releases & artists

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  2. 18 May 2024 - Interview with Apichat Pakwan in Gadhouse Magazine
  3. 15 March 2024 - Review of Han Litz & The Lucid Voyages' Off-Grid on Twisted Soul Music (UK)
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  23. January~ 2020 - Radioplay of Apichat Pakwan's Esantronics in The UK (I), The UK (II), Spain (I), USA (I), Netherlands, Spain (II), Czech, Spain (III), Australia, Ireland, Swiss, USA (II), USA (III), Greece, Belgium (I), Belgium (II), Indonesia
  24. 21 January 2020 - Article featuring Apichat Pakwan in the Thai Gadhouse Magazine (TH)
  25. 2 January 2020 - 4-star review of Esantronics in UK Songlines Magazine #154 (UK)
  26. 1 January 2020 - Esantronics chosen as Best Asian Album of 2019 by World Music Central
  27. 24 December 2019 - Liveshow review in the Bangkok Post (TH)
  28. 9 November 2019 - Esantronics albumreview on World Music Central
  29. 24 September 2019 - Esantronics albumreview in the Bangkok Post (TH)
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  31. 7 March 2019 - Interview in StarWax Magazine in English and French (F)
  32. 21 October 2018 - Review in the Bangkok Post of Apichat Pakwan's third single Leh Dub, plus a listing in their top 20 best singles of 2018 (TH)
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  40. 26 May 2017 - Apichat Pakwan at Tom Ravenscroft (BBC Radio)

Press about Apichat Pakwan

  • “Esantronics: Best Asian Album of 2019” – World Music Central
  • “One of those East-meets-West experiments that works very well indeed. The Western dub and hiphop do not dominate the Isan music; everything is fused to create something new and refreshing." – Bangkok Post (Thailand)

  • "Esantronics is a superb album where fascinating, innovative Thai roots music meets masterfully-crafted electronica." - Transglobal World Music Chart (USA)

  • "Apichat Pakwan creates a seamless blend of electronics and molam music and to their credit the electronic elements don't steal the show. A fascinating debut. Highly recommended. ★★★★" - Songlines Magazine #154 (UK)

  • “The musicians of Apichat Pakwan know the traditional Thai music so well they are capable like no one else to give it a modern twist. The intoxicating groove they create sounds both natural and exotic.” – Job De Wit (We Are Public, Oor, DJ Broadcast - NL)
  • "Vibrant, colorful, lively cross-cultural sound that blends molam (Lao folk music) and traditional Thai music with dub, reggae, funk, psych, and more" - KEXP (USA)
  • “Great music” – The Gaslamp Killer (USA)
  • “Sick” - Falty DL (USA)

  • "We love it so much!" - Yīn Yīn (NL)

  • “Most innovative molam group around” – Bangkok Post (Thailand)

  • “Love it. Full support” – Trippin’ Jaguar (Netherlands)
  • “Beautiful warm, deep transcedental sounds. Contagious, highly recommended” – DJ Sebcat (Rebel Up! Soundclash, NL)
  • “Respect for creating great new music and connect people” – U-Key a.k.a. DJ Tennis Brown (Japan/Thailand)
  • "Love your dub sound!" - Michail Stangl (Berghain, Boiler Room - Berlin)
  • “Really like the way they make Thai traditional instrumentals sound so new! The phin and the kaen sound are soooo dope” – DJ Panna a.k.a. Olympic Digger (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • "Good sound" - MJ Cole (UK)
  • "Top quality" - DJ Paul T (Potato Head, Bali)
  • "This is excellent" - Tim 'Love' Lee (USA)
  • "Very enticing on the ears" - Aimee Lawrence (Barcelona/Ibiza)
  • "In love from the first second" - Kito Jempere (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • “Oh my, right in feelings. I love it!” - Ponty Mython (Vilnius)
  • “5 out of 5” - The Cyclist (UK)
  • “Interesting, like the drum sounds and groove, and it has loads of personality.” - James Fox (London, UK)
  • "This first release by Apichat Pakwan on Dutch label Animist is splendid! The A-side is Thai Phin psychedelia at its finest, while on the flip the mood intensifies for a humid dub mix that's all beats n' echoes. TiP!" - World of Body Meta (Montreal, Canada)
  • "I love to see people keeping their culture alive - not just copy and pasting American styles, but adopting new technologies to breathe life into old ways... just like the pioneers who electrified and funkified thai music in the 60's and 70's." - Captain Slowbeard (USA)
  • "Your gig at Fusion Festival made my weekend and left me with tears in my eyes ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for that!" - Fusion Festival visitor Andre (DE)

Press about Hiss Sound

  • “Vintage analog electronics and forceful beats get pleasantly deranged by traditional Indian rhythms where necessary. The way the bansuri (Indian flute) interacts with percussion and electronics in Mishra Adelita is extraordinarily beautiful. A treat for adventurous ears.” – Mixed World Music (NL)
  • "A genuinely new fusion of raga-based and electronic dance music; the result is sometimes jazzy, sometimes funky, often a bit gritty, and consistently both fun and interesting." - CD HotList New Releases for Libraries
  • "A very interesting meeting between Indian sounds and contemporary electronics. Like Apichat Pakwan this group doesn't just spice up some house or techno with samples, but enriches the traditional music with electronics & experiment" - BenedenNAP (NL)

Press about Han Litz & The Lucid Voyages

  • "With a keen ear for evocative field recordings, Han Litz & Olivier Schreuder voyage through rural Asia for inspiration, tuning into the harmonious sounds of nature & deep rooted animism still prevalent outside the polluted megacities, with improvised, jazz schooled New Age frequencies & a desire to rekindle humanity's lost natural connection that needs urgent repair if we are to foil anthropocenic catastrophe" - The Slow Music Movement
  • "With a fusion of tranquil meditation and an exuberant sense of adventure, Dutch musicians Han Litz & Olivier Schreuder’s new album captures nature’s beauty in all its splendour." - Twisted Soul Music

Press about Kantrum Dongman

  • "An excellent snapshot of one of Isan's lesser-known traditional musical genres, and for those who enjoy traditional music from Isan but only know molam, this one will be of great interest" - Bangkok Post
  • "A fascinating collection of catchy and mesmerizing songs - ★★★★" - Songlines Magazine

Press about Animist Records

  • "When it comes to record labels that transcend borders and cultural boundaries, it's hard to look past Animist Records" - Giglife Pro
  • "Animist Records triumphs with its new series called 'Asian Tropical Bass' celebrating hybrid Southeast Asian music" - Mixmag Asia