Sao Phu Thai Uan Sang

Phu Wong

  • 1. Toeng Wai Lam Tam Khao
  • 2. Salawan Den Widman
  • 3. Sao Tái Dam
  • 4. Sao Phu Thai Uan Sang
  • 5. Khap Tum Pha Phun
  • 6. Hun Hom Chom Doi
  • 7. Sun Pyaam Meuang Lao
  • 8. Mak Teng Sang Nui Pai
  • 9. Sao Lao Phuan Tam Khao
  • 10. Som Thieu That Meuang Lao

Very rare and unique album on cassette from Laos by folksinger Phu Wong. The title translates as 'Phu Thai girl says goodbye', and implements Phu Wong is from the Phu Thai tribe, a group of people with a distinct culture and their own repertory of songs, festivals, ceremonies, dance choreographies and clothing designs.
After several forced re-locating efforts by the Siamese they now mainly live in Northeast Thailand, a region also known as Isan.

This album contains a few very significant compositions from different minority tribes who have all been forecefully displaced: the Lao, Phu Thai and the Thai Phuan (mainly from Xieng Khoang province).
Furthermore this cassette ends with a beautiful song from the animistic Tái Dam (ໄຕດຳ in Lao) or Black Tai tribe, which is an ethnic minority who lives mainly in China, Northwest Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

Besides some haunting traditional melodies and deep local arrangements and Lao folk instruments like the kaen and phin, the tape holds a few diggers delights in the form of some big grooves and breaks, which dates this tape probably to the late '70's.

To finish it off the cassette also includes two propaganda songs by artists who represent the Phrathet Lao, or Lao Communist Party.

Historically as well as musically an important album, that serves educational and artistic purposes.

  • Condition: VG+ (Cassette) / VG (Cover)
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