Thai Traditional Drum

Klong Yao

  • 1. กลองยาวแห่ทั่วไป - klong yao hae tua pai
  • 2. กลองยาวไพรสวรรค์ - klong yao prai sawan
  • 3. กลองยาวระทึกใจ - klong yao ra tuek jai
  • 4. กลองยาวกลองศึก - klong yao klong suek
  • 5. กลองยาวชาวทุ่ง - klong yao chao toong
  • 6. กลองยาวปลุกใจ - klong yao plook Jai
  • 7. กลองยาวเกิดเทิง - klong yao turd terng
  • 8. กลองยาว อนร้า - klong yao forn rum
  • 9. กลองบทวนเริง - klong yao ruen rueng
  • 10. กลองยาวเร้าใจ - klong yao rao jai
  • 11. กลองยาวบ้านนา - klong yao baan na
  • 12. กลองยาวทะเล้น - klong yao ta len

Great CD with extensive repertory of Thai 'klong yao' (meaning 'large drum') music.

Klong Yao (กลองยาว), known as Khawng Yao in Laos, is a long drum used in Thailand and Laos. It is generally slung over the shoulder and played with the hands. It has a wooden body and a drumhead made from water buffalo skin, and is usually decorated with a colorful fabric. It is played during many festival parades in Thailand. Extremely large klong yao, which may be up to 10 m in length, are sometimes encountered in parades, where they are carried by truck.
Similar drums are used by the Dai people of the Yunnan province of southwest China, as well as in Burma. There are indications the drums have crossed to Thailand from Burma during their wars and was played by Thai soldiers during the truces, in particular during the Burmese-Siamese War (1849-1855).   
It is the equivalent of the Cambodian skor chhaiyam.

This original Thai CD from 1999 is in almost new condition.

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