AT-6181DL Stroboscope and Light Kit

Audio Technica

€ 139,00

Audio Technica AT-6181DL Stroboscope disc and quartz strobe light kit provides all you need to accurate check the rotation speed of your turntable in order to optimise it for best performance.

The yellow LED on the strobe light presents a clear, precise reading of the stroboscope’s high-contrast markings for 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM speeds. The stroboscope disc also incorporates an overhang guide.

Key Features

- Stroboscope Disc and Quartz Strobe Light
- Precisely check a turntable’s rotation speed
- Yellow LED for accurate reading of speeds
- Exclusive flashing light pattern to measure 78RPM
- Useful overhang guide on the stroboscope disc

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