Prestige SR-325X Headphone


€ 399,00

With its metal housing, the SR325x brings a surgical precision to your music that you won’t find in the rest of the Prestige Series. Better imaging of the space between the instruments paints a clearer picture of your music in their soundstage.

With superlative tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, and realism, the SR325x lays out an extremely detailed presentation. With a rugged build the headphones are a durable choice. At 340g, they’re not heavy.

The SR325x’s open-backed design means that they’re wonderfully expressive dynamically, and lows are agile and tuneful.

The Grado Prestige SR325x is the winner of the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022.

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Operating Principle: Open Air
  • Frequency Response: 18 - 24,000 hz
  • SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms
  • Driver Matched dB: .05 dB
  • Ships within 3 days