HPS-1K Tendo headphone-stand from Keyaki wood


€ 699,00

Material: Natural wood laminated material (zelkova)
Size: width 127 mm x depth 157 mm x height 350 mm
Mass: 520 g
Shape: Headband

This product is an original design wooden headphone stand produced by Nagaoka and produced by Tendo Mokko, a pioneer in molding plywood technology.
Uses high-quality domestic natural keyaki (zelkova).
The gems created by the furniture makers one by one make your favorite headphones even more special.

Product Features
● Beautiful flowing curve design utilizing molded plywood technology is made entirely of natural wood
● Each grain has a different grain and color, and no two are the same.
● All the materials and craftsmen are the same process as furniture making, it is a unique headphone stand
● Engraved serial number on the bottom one by one
● The size is width 127 x depth 157 x height 350mm, and it is also compatible with large headphones
* Headphones are not included

  • Ships within 3 days