Anti-static Inner CD Sleeves


€ 8,90

20-pack Nagaoka Inner Sleeves TS-561/3. Fits all 5" discs including DVD, Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and Compact Discs

Made in Japan


  • 5 inch semi-circular poly inner bag for storing and protecting CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays & Ultra HD discs

  • High quality Japanese sleeves with consistent, uniform sizing

  • Round bottom for a better fit

  • Reusable, anti-static and protective 

  • Protects your CDs from damage & wear, scratching & scuffing 

  • Professional finish for your catalogue or inventory

  • Great sleeves for professional dealers and collectors alike


  • 5 inch semi-circular poly inner bag

  • 125mm x 125mm

  • Only 20 micron thick to ensure a great fit

To fit:

  • Japanese Mini-LP cardboard case CDs

  • Any 5" CD - Music CD, SHM-CD, CDr, CDrw, DVD, BD, UHD, Games Console discs

  • May fit card case or plastic wallet CDs - check dimensions

  • Ships within 3 days