Cork & Rubber mixture turntable mat


€ 27,90

Both cork and rubber are known to dampen and absorb unwanted vibrations. The Tonar composite cork/ rubber mat works very well on many turntables, particularly on steel and lightweight turntable platters, due to its highly non-resonant properties.

The Tonar turntable mats have been developed through experiments with different materials. Apart from absorbing and dampening unwanted vibrations, the mats have their own effect to enhance the sound. Some audiophiles even combine different materials as a ‘sandwich’ to create even better results.

Acoustic feedback is one of the big problems when playing records. It occurs when sound vibrations from your loud speakers are picked up by your turntable, amplified, and then sent out to the speakers again. The same information is reproduced by the cartridge with a very slight time difference. This results in a big loss of detail and clarity and makes the sound ‘muddy’.
Tonar has developed turntable mats that reduce acoustic feedback, thus maintaining separation and detail. The mats isolate the record from the turntable platter and absorb unwanted vibrations. That is why using turntable mats really matters!

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