Inner Record Sleeves (12"/10"/7") - 50 pieces


50 pieces per pack.
The Nostatic sleeves are available in three sizes: 12 inch, 10 inch and 7 inch.
So there is a Tonar Nostatic sleeve available for every format whether 12 inch LP, 10 inch Long play and 78 RPM Shellac and 7 inch 45 RPM and EP records.

The Tonar Nostatic Inner Sleeves are made of 2 layers 40 micron thick HDPE super anti-static plastic. 5

Most records – old and new – are supplied in a paper sleeve, which offers little protection. Paper particles will settle in the groove and pulling the record from its sleeve will contribute to static build up. After cleaning your records, it’s better to store them safely in good quality anti-static dust free record inner sleeves and sturdy outer sleeves. Tonar offers a full range of highly protective inner and outer sleeves for all formats, to protect your precious records and albums from dust, dirt and airborne contamination.

  • 50 pieces per package
  • High quality heavy duty anti-static sleeves
  • Ships within 3 days