Misty Record Clamp


The aesthetically designed Tonar clamps couple your vinyl tightly to the platter. This will help to temporarily flatten out any warps during play-back and assures that internal resonances can be drained away from the stylus. The clamps are available in different colors, to match every record player.

There are two distinct advantages to using a record clamp or weight on your turntable. First, they help to temporarily flatten warped records during playback. Many of the older records are either warped from the time they were pressed or have become warped in time due to bad storage. A warped record causes enormous problems for the cartridge and stylus to track the groove properly. Secondly, vinyl records vibrate along with the music as the stylus traces the groove. This can cause internal resonances. By using a record clamp or a weight, warped records will be flattened and the sound quality will be improved.

  • Ships within 3 days