Tonar Tacky Cleaner


€ 29,90

Animist Records proudly presents the highly regarded Tonar Tacky Cleaner!
The Tonar Tacky Cleaner provides easy, fast, high-quality record cleaning with no mess. Just roll it across your records like a lint roller, and prepare to be wowed! The Tacky Cleaner has received rave reviews with an overall 4.5 star rating on It’s the perfect way to get started with high performance record cleaning, and a great supplement to wet systems like Spin-Clean or vacuum record cleaners.

The Tonar Tacky Cleaner silicon rolling cleaner is comparable to the famous Nagaoka CL-1000, but then much cheaper.
Simply put the record on a slipmat on a stable table and role firmly over the record. All dust and dirt sticks to the roller. Clean the roller afterwards with a bit of warm water.

  • Ships within 3 days