Top Tip stylus cleaning kit


€ 19,90

You’ve cleaned all your vinyl, but still you suffer from a distorded sound? Maybe your stylus requires a proper clean-up as well!

The Tonar Top Tip is a powerful cleaning solution that will detach all the dirt and tough grime that your stylus collects from the record during playback. The kit contains the Tonar Top Tip cleaning and lubricating liquid and a Tonar Clean-Tip carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush.

Unscrew the bottle top and apply one or two drops of liquid onto the TONAR cleantip brush. To clean the stylus tip brush the tip a few times with the brush.
Careful! Always clean the tip from the back of the cartridge to the front of the cartridge only. Never brush back and forth. You do not have to remove the stylus from the cartridge for cleaning.

  • Ships within 3 days