Musique Originale De Films LP موسيقى أصلية للأفلام

Ahmed Malek أحمد مالك

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  • 1. Omar Gatlato
  • 2. Tikjda
  • 3. La Ville
  • 4. La Ville Part 2
  • 5. Halla
  • 6. Maya
  • 7. Les Vacances De L'Inspecteur Tahar
  • 8. La Silence Des Cendres
  • 9. Autopsie D'un Complot
  • 10. La Côte
  • 11. Henna
  • 12. Bolero
  • 13. Un Toit En Une Familie
  • 14. Omar Gatlato (alt. Version)

Ahmed Malek was born on March, 6th 1932 at Bordj El Kiffan, Algiers. He was the oldest son of a family of 3 brothers and one sister. He went to work at a young age in factories to help his father to raise the family. His mother died when he was 12. It was then that decided he wanted to become a musician, and after graduating school he studied at the Algerian Conservatory. He gained recognition for his craft from an early stage and won several prizes and medals nationally and internationally (The "Premier grand prix des arts et des lettres de la composition" in 1972, the golden medal at the "Panafrican Festival" in 1976, and the "Prix du mérite national pour la composition musicale" in 1987). He was the conductor of the "Algerian Television Orchestra“ for many decades and represented his country at international events such as the Expo In Japan, Canada, Cuba and Spain. During his time as an active composer he wrote the music for dozens of movies, television shows and documentaries. Then, in the late 90’s, his health deteriorated. He passed on the 24th of July, 2008, at his home in El Mouradio, Algiers. 

Ahmed Malek was one of the most important musicians of the Algerian scene of the 1970s. His sountrack works that were composed for various Algerian movies of the time fuse Arabic influences with jazz, psych and funk influences. Dark cinematic soundscapes meet african Jazz at times reminicent of Mulatu. Original copies of his vinyl releases have been sold for enormous amounts. For this release we combined the strongest tracks from his releases with a selection of unreleased material straight from the families archive.

This is one of our favorite releases on Habibi Funk Records.

This original German pressing from 2016 is still sealed.

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