Angkanang 10"

Apichat Pakwan

€ 10,00
  • 1. Angkanang (Main)
  • 2. Angkanang (Version)

“This first release by Apichat Pakwan on Dutch label Animist is splendid! The A-side is Thai Phin psychedelia at its finest, while on the flip the mood intensifies for a humid dub mix that's all beats n' echoes. TiP!” – World of Body Meta (Montreal, Canada)

“The musicians of Apichat Pakwan know the traditional Thai music so well they are capable like no one else to give it a modern twist. The intoxicating groove they create sounds equally logical and exotic.” – Job De Wit (We Are Public, Oor, DJ Broadcast - NL)

"Very enticing on the ears" - Aimee Lawrence (Barcelona/Ibiza)

"In love from the first second" - Kito Jempere (St. Petersburg, Russia)

  • Released on December 1, 2016
  • Kaen: Pongsapon Upani
  • Phin, bass: Artit Krajangsree
  • Drums: Robin Koek
  • Percussion, electronics, composition: Olivier Schreuder
  • Mastered by Ivo Statinski
  • Condition: Mint (vinyl) / Mint (sleeve)
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