The Perfect Release LP

Annette Peacock

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  • 1. Survival
  • 2. Love's Out To Lunch
  • 3. Solar Systems
  • 4. American Sport
  • 5. A Loss Of Consciousness
  • 6. Rubber Hunger
  • 7. The Succubus

First pressing in excellent condition of classic album by Annette Peacock.

It was recorded in London, and was released in 1979 by Aura Records. On the album, Peacock is joined by guitarist Robert Ahwai, keyboardist Max Middleton, bassist John McKenzie, drummer Richard Bailey, and percussionists Darryl Lee Que and Lennox Laington.

In an interview, Peacock stated that she had heard Jeff Beck's album Blow by Blow prior to its release, and decided she wanted to record with the band (Middleton and Bailey both appeared on Beck's album.

In a review for AllMusic, Thom Jurek stated that the album "nearly was perfect," and wrote: "if the record's not a masterpiece it is something close... it is a record that stands the test of time very well, and is one she is able to be proud of as an artist to this day."

In an article for Flood Magazine, Ad Amorosi commented: "With Peacock sing-speaking/howling like a cross between Kenneth Rexroth and Ornette Coleman... these languorous, extended melodies slip and slide handsomely from song to song in a symmetrical fashion."

A reviewer for Billboard remarked: "The music is often low key but the singing is insistent. Yet it is seductive, as if the singer is a bit abashed about the content of her urgent polysyllabic and libidinal messages. It is intelligent stuff, and winning in its own way."

The track "Survival" was sampled by rapper J-Live for his song "Braggin' Writes", which he performed live rapping and at the same backspinning the Annette Peacock break.

No lyrics insert.

This original UK pressing from 1979 is in very good condition.

  • Condition: VG+ (vinyl) / VG+ (Cover)
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