Asian Tropical Bass Vol.1 12"

Apichat Pakwan & Lamai Hansa

€ 12,00
  • 1. Apichat Pakwan - Lao Cow
  • 2. Lamaihansa - Don't Wash
  • 3. Apichat Pakwan – E-San Machines (Hiss Sound Remix)
  • 4. Apichat Pakwan – Lao Cow (Kareem Raïhani Remix)

'Animist Records triumphs with its new series celebrating hybrid Southeast Asian music' - Mixmag Asia

On this EP Dutch label Animist Records showcases not only what the label is currently about, but also where it is heading.
With their 11th release they put a new genre on the map: Asian Tropical Bass.
With influences from molam (Lao folkmusic), Thai music, dub, reggae, jungle, reggaeton, funk, acid, rave, hiphop and electro, the label presents their most diverse release so far.

The EP starts with a new track from Thai-Dutch collective Apichat Pakwan. Their unique mix of molam and electronic music, defined on their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Esantronics’ from 2019, is taken in a new direction here with psychedelic groover ‘Lao Cow’.
The interplay between the kaen (Lao mouthorgan), fuzzy wah-wah guitar and dubby synthchords evolves over organic beats, which are a rare blend of hiphop, reggaeton and funk.

Following this Animist Records presents a group still quite unkown outside of Thailand, but very popular inside that country: Lamaihansa. Their signature song ‘Don’t Wash’ already hit 5-million+ views on the internet, and blends lukthung (a Thai-Lao folkmusic genre), reggae, ska and hiphop in a personal and highly entertaining style.
The band’s instrumentation includes the phin, a semi-acoustic string instrument from Laos & Thailand, alongside the comtemporary roots-reggae-sound of the band. Teasing lyrics in the Lao language between male singer First and female MC Sarunya deal with the challenges of domestic responsibilities. Watching the hilarious musicvideo of the song is strongly recommended!

On the B-side the record continues with a darker, alltogether more electronic sound.
Producer-duo Hiss Sound, who released their debut album ‘Taraf’ on Animist Records in 2022, takes on Apichat Pakwan’s ‘E-San Machines’ from their first EP ‘Angkanang’ for a truly Asian tropical bass remix.
The rhythms, based on the fast form of molam known as ‘lam sing’, reminisce of various UK styles, but retain something of its own unique character, which is enhanced by the grooving Thai klong yao drums, the acid-like bassline, Lao vocal fragments and Northeast-Thai instruments like the ponglang, kaen, ching and chap.

Closing the EP is Kareem Raïhani’s remix of Apichat Pakwan’s Lao Cow. The Dutch Ecstatic Dance DJ and producer has been deejaying, producing and remixing for more than 20 years and shows his dancefloor expertise with a euphoric downbeat interpretation of the original.
With an irresistible groove, focus on the kaen, and trance-invoking synthlines he takes the original to ecstatic heights, thus providing his own vision on Asian tropical bass. 

"A cool split release between the Dutch-Thai collective Apichat Pakwan and the blossoming Thailand-based band Lamaihansa. Both acts boast a vibrant, colorful, lively cross-cultural sound that blends molam (Lao folk music) and traditional Thai music with dub, reggae, ska, funk, psych, and more." - KEXP (USA)

'Loving it!' - Fink (Ninja Tune)

'Great discovery' - Azu Tiwaline (Tunisia)

'Super cool' - Horse Meat Disco (NYC)

'Beautiful EP. Very engaging and of high quality' - Lukr Range (Berlin)

'Wow!' - Radio Coop (Italy)

'Excellent! Full Support' - Ed2000 (Cashmere Radio / Dub Intervention)

'Great production on this solid EP!' - Arveene & Misk (Dublin)

'Wicked' - Studio Rockers (UK)

'All around great release' - Mutant Disco (Croatia)

'Great vibe' - B.Riddim (London)

'Love the mixture of the vibes' - Bim One Production (3RD BALL/ Element, Tokyo)

'Support!' - Dean Chew (Darker Than Wax / Worldwide FM)

'Very unique sound' - Mike Greenwell (World Treasure Music)

'Great productions' - Dubwise (London)

'Amazing tropical music. Full support.' - Karlos Sense (Illes Balears, Ibiza)

'Love this' - Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica)

'Groovy beats' - Daddy Streets (Brighton, UK)

'Mindbending funk' - Ben Terry (Tirk Records, UK)



  • Ships on or around 3 December 2023
  • Credits:
  • A1:
O.Schreuder: composition, production, electronics, kaen
    M. Baaijens: composition, guitar

    R. Koek: co-production
  • A2:
B. Anon: composition, lyrics, production
    O. Nathithep: lyrics
    First Lamaihansa: voice
    B. Sarunya: rap
    S. Malaisri: percussion
    W. Sudram: guitar
    V. Phumiphim: bass
    J. Phukhamwong: trumpet
    P. Traijit: trumpet
    J. Wajo: saxophone
    S. Unsingha: trombone
    S. Mankhong: phin
    S. Nujan: drums
  • B1:

    O. Schreuder: composition, production, kaen, ponglang
    R. Koek: co-production
  • B2:

    O. Schreuder: composition, kaen
    K. Raïhani: composition, production
  • W. Brandenburg: mastering
  • Main Studio: graphic design