Black Roses 7"

Barrington Levy

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  • 1. Black Roses
  • 2. Black Roses (Version)

One of reggae's all-time anthems, one of the baddest tunes of the '80s. Finally back out on a crisp booming 45.

Barrington Ainsworth Levy was born on April 30, 1964 inClarendon, Jamaica. He began recording around 1977 and set up the short-lived duet Mighty Multitudes with his cousin Everton Dacres and not before the end of 1978 under his real name. From 1979 he recorded album after album and quickly imposed his name in the Dancehall scene.

Although albums were not terribly important in Jamaica at the time, Levy released four albums before 1980: Shaolin Temple, Bounty Hunter, Shine Eye Gal (United Kingdom) and Englishman, a critically acclaimed record. His success led to many earlier studio and sound system performances being reissued without his consent.
By the time his 1980 album Robin Hood was released, Levy was one of the biggest Jamaican stars, and saw his international fame growing as well, especially in the United Kingdom.

Taking a break from albums, Levy then released a series of hit singles, including "Mary Long Tongue", "In the Dark", "Too Poor", "I Have a Problem", "Eventide Fire a Disaster", "I'm Not in Love", "You Have It", "Love of Jah", "Under Mi Sensi", "Tomorrow Is Another Day", "Robberman", "Black Roses", "My Woman" and "Money Move".

In 2023, Rolling Stone ranked Levy at number 119 on its list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time.

This reissue on Jah Life from 2023 is in mint (new) condition.

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