One Way Street 7"

Bobby Aitken & The Carib Beats

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  • 1. One Way Street
  • 2. Crying Time

First in a new series, long overdue master tape reissue of these absolutely killer and disturbingly rare rocksteady sides, direct from the living legend and rocksteady maestro himself, Mr. Bobby Aitken. A-side features Val Bennett, B-side features Roy Man, both lending their talents to the Carib Beats ensemble

There's a first time for everything, and here is DKR's first ever 1960's reissue. As usual we strive to bring out the baddest and the best tunes, and here's one such single. Two rocksteady monsters back to back, just as wickedly rare as they are tough. Straight from master tape, the A-side an all-time dark instrumental piece, the B-side a fantastic love lorn vocal. Issued in direct partnership with one of Jamaica's living legends, Mr. Bobby Aitken. Bobby has been playing since the dawn of the JA music industry, and his band licked many of the baddest rhythms of rocksteady, both credited and uncredited. More to come from Mr. Aitken, so hold tight.

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