รวมเพลงนานาชาติ - International Mixed Songs LP

Buppha Saichon - บุปผา สายชล

  • 1. รูปหล่อถมไป
  • 2. รักลวงน้ำลง
  • 3. ไม่น่าโกหก
  • 4. รักคนแก่ดีกว่า
  • 5. สงสารคนแก่
  • 6. น้ำตาน้ำตก
  • 7. ฉันเคียงเธอ
  • 8. หาดใจไร้รัก
  • 9. วอนลมฝากรัก
  • 10. ชังคนใจร้าย
  • 11. สาวนาคอยคู่
  • 12. เสียงเพลงเสียดใจ

One of the rarest and most sough-after Thai LP's.

The title of this album from Thai singer Buppha Saichon translates as 'International Mixed Songs', and is most noteworthy for the opening track that embodies one of the heaviest, deepest psychfunk grooves ever recorded in Thailand.

Buppha Saichon (13 April 1947 - 8 July 1990) was a famous female folk singer from Chonburi Province who also played as an actress in several Thai movies.
Her real name is Songkran Payonlert because she was born during the Songkran (Thai New Year) festival.

Buppha starts playing 'like' (traditional theatre-music from Bangkok) in the Saipinwattana group. She becomes a professional performer on the age of 14, when she joins the Chularat Band of her teacher Mongkhon Amatayakul, and gets the opportunity to record her first song called 'Kaem Nuan', which is composed by famous Thai musician Chai Muangsing. He also composes her second single, Hom Huan.

She isn't very succesful at first, so she turns for advice to musician Sriphrai Jaipra (now knows as Kengkaj Jongpra). They become a couple and Buppha joins his group, the Golden Bell Band, in 1965.

She gets her big break when filmmaker Rangsi Tassanapaya hires her to star in dozens of his movies, starting with 'Chat Lam Chi' and followed by 'Monrak Luk Thung', This movie makes her even more popular because of a good script and she gets to sing many songs for the soundtrack. Since then it is believed she recorded over a thousand songs.

In 1974 Buppha Saichon and Sriphrai Jaipra got divorced. Sriphrai Jaiphra switched to the band of famous molam singer Hongthong Dao Udon, while Buppha Saichon continued working in the movie industry. She found a new love in Singha Suriya, a movie hero with whom she works together.

In 1981 Buppha Saichon, tries to return to the lukthung scene after persuasion of singer Suchat Tianthong, but this attempt is unsuccessful.

She dies in the same year as her mother, and receives a royal cremation ceremony on July 20, 1990.

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