Lam Phen Khongkhuan Phuen Namtha LP

Chalermphon Malakham - เฉลิมพล มาลาค่า

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  • 1. ลำแพนของขวัญเปื้อนน่าตา - Lam Phen gift full of tears
  • 2. จดหมายสารภาพรัก - Love confession letter
  • 3. อ้อนเมีย - Beg your wife
  • 4. เกียวแกมหยอก - Playing & teasing
  • 5. เศรษฐีแย่งแฟน - Millionaire takes my girlfriend
  • 6. ช่างหัวเจ้าเถอะ - Let it go
  • 7. สั่นขา-ขาสั้น - Shaking short legs
  • 8. ตามหาลัดดา - Looking for Ladda
  • 9. เสียงจ่มจากชาวนา - Complaints from farmers
  • 10. กันตรึมรอรัก - Kantrum - Waiting for love
  • 11. สามคนผัวเมีย - Three people, husband and wife
  • 12. พ่อหม้ายเมียเผลอ - Careless wife of a widower

Top quality original molam (Lao folkmusic) album from Northeast Thailand, probably from the early '80's.
Good songs and productions featuring funky organs & analog synthesizer leads alongside traditional instrumentation like the phin and kaen.
There is also one song in the Khmer style of 'kantrum' on the album.

Chalermpol Malakham was born on 10 October 1962 in Surin Province, which is in the south of the Isan area of Thailand.
Known mostly for singing in lukthung and molam styles, he is also considered a talented performer of 'kantrum'. Although the majority of Chalermpol's songs are in Isan-Thai, he often sings in Northern Khmer as well.
The first album he recorded was "Sa Uen Uai Porn", but he became popular in 1990 with the song 'Tam Jai Mae Terd Nong.

Original Thai pressing is in very good condition. The viny plays well throughout, but especially in the beginning of the Side A crackles. The cover is in very good condition too, it contains a signature in Thai on the front and some signs of usage (see photos and hear audio examples for an impression of the condition).

  • Condition: VG/VG- (Vinyl) / VG (Cover)
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