Dancing Inner Space 1982-1984


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  • 1. Dancing Inner Space (Long Distance Version)
  • 2. Inside You
  • 3. Ecuador
  • 4. Inca Sacrifice
  • 5. Dancing Inner Space
  • 6. Break It Up
  • 7. Breaking Point

An unmissable LP of foundational UK dance music made between 1982 to 1984, in the form of the collected output of Contact-U - aka Rick de Jongh and Andy Sojka's stripped-back electro boogie project.

At the turn of the 1980s Challenge Records was founded on North London's Holloway Road - formed by Andy Sojka & Rick de Jongh to act as a sister-label to Sojka's seminal soul & boogie-focused Elite imprint. Initially releasing a smattering of lovers rock singles, Challenge would quickly begin to focus-in on the emerging sounds of Hi-NRG & electro - with Contact-U (an alias for Rick & Andy's own stripped-back productions) becoming Challenge's first act in this vein.

Recording the sublimely wonky space-age funk of 'Inside You' in November of 1982, de Jongh & Sojka followed this up over the next 2 years with three 12" releases for Challenge before hanging up the moniker. Providing infectious synth-based melodies & bass lines with killer drum-machines & minimal but effective live percussion, these tracks are some of the strongest electro-funk records to come out of the UK during this period.

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