Innercity Griots 2LP

Freestyle Fellowship

  • 1. Blood
  • 2. Bullies Of The Block
  • 3. Everything's Everything
  • 4. Shammy's
  • 5. Heat Mizer
  • 6. Six Tray
  • 7. Danger
  • 8. Inner City Boundaries
  • 9. Bomb Zombies
  • 10. Cornbread
  • 11. Way Cool
  • 12. Hot Potato
  • 13. Mary
  • 14. Park Bench People
  • 15. Heavyweights
  • 16. Tolerate
  • 17. Respect Due
  • 18. Pure Thought

Reissue of 1993 album from the technically dazzling jazz-rap group that changed the perception of West Coast hip-hop.

The griot’s purpose is to share wisdom from generation to generation by setting words to music. Over the years, this record has been passed from rapper to rapper and from fan to fan as a rite of passage, a lodestar that unlocks new potential in whoever hears it. The album’s verses are oral histories that have yet to lose any of their potency. In a 1993 interview with Rap Sheet, rapper Myka9 refers to “the spirit of the die-hard rapper” as the essence of what keeps the Fellowship together. Through the music and legacy of Innercity Griots, that spirit seems destined to live on forever.

Still sealed copy of 2022 repress

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