Off Grid LP

Han Litz & The Lucid Voyages

€ 20,00
  • 1. Mondulkiri 12°, 108°
  • 2. Drums of Amarapura
  • 3. Texel AM
  • 4. Shwedagon Swamp

  • 5. Nam Nao Aliens

  • 6. Phangan Elegy

  • 7. Ratanakiri Loophole

'With a keen ear for evocative field recordings, Han Litz & The Lucid Voyages voyage through rural Asia for inspiration, tuning into the harmonious sounds of nature & deep rooted animism still prevalent outside the polluted megacities, with improvised, jazz schooled frequencies & a desire to rekindle humanity's lost natural connection that needs urgent repair if we are to foil anthropocenic catastrophe " - The Slow Music Movement

"With a fusion of tranquil meditation and an exuberant sense of adventure, Dutch musicians Han Litz & Olivier Schreuder’s new album captures nature’s beauty in all its splendour." - Twisted Soul Music

Dutch musicians Han Litz & Olivier Schreuder found each other again, after their initial collaboration in a John Coltrane tribute with the Kindred Spirits Ensemble, in their wish to create new music on the crossroads of meditiation and adventure, inspired by nature & animism. Together with Thai-Dutch musician and visual artist Angkanang Pimwankum they form Han Litz & The Lucid Voyages.

Their debut LP 'Off-Grid' is based on environmental recordings Olivier Schreuder made in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Dutch island of Texel. With different kinds of flutes, synthesizers, percussion and Southeast Asian instruments like the Vietnamese Đàn Bầu, the trio recorded seven improvisations which aim to create imaginative landscapes, of which the listener is free to determine where these landscapes are.

Available as 12" vinyl album on 33 RPM, pressed on black vinyl.

  • Released on February 15, 2024
  • Olivier Schreuder: electronics, composition, production
  • Han Litz: flutes, composition, production
  • Angkanang Pimwankum: live visuals
  • Wouter Brandenburg: mastering
  • Main Studio: graphic design