Modernized The Shadow LP

Johnny Guitar / P.M. Pocket Music - พี.เอ็ม.พ๊อกเกทมิวสิค & จอนนี่ส์กีตาร์

  • 1. P.M. Pocket Music – กลองยาว (Glawng Yao)
  • 2. Johnny Guitar – สุพรรณหงส์ (Supannahong)
  • 3. Johnny Guitar – มอญกละ (Mawn Kra)
  • 4. P.M. Pocket Music – กระแต (Kra Tae)
  • 5. P.M. Pocket Music – สร้อยแสงแดง (Soi Sang Dang)
  • 6. P.M. Pocket Music – ลาวดวงเดือน (Lao Duang Duen)
  • 7. P.M. Pocket Music – ไทรโยค (Sai Yoke
  • 8. Johnny Guitar – ลาวเจริญศรี (Lao Charoensri)
  • 9. Johnny Guitar – สีนวล (Si Nual)
  • 10. Johnny Guitar – นางนาค (Nang Nak)

Highly sought-after compilation of two Thai bands that made 'shadow music': Johnny Guitar & P.M. Pocket Music / พี.เอ็ม.พ๊อกเกทมิวสิค & จอนนี่ส์กีตาร์.

Shadow music was a broad term given to the Thai guitar pop movement of the 1960s and the groups that came out of it, all under the influence of early Western rock and roll. British instrumental band The Shadows (as in Cliff Richards & the Shadows) were the origin of the genre's title, also named 'Wong Shadow' or early Thai 'String' music.

Shadow records were often marketed as 'Modernized Thai Music'. Traditional Thai classical melodies were given the Shadow treatment, incorporating rock, surf, a-go-go, soul, blues, Latin and other worldly styles of the times.

Phayong Mukda was the founder of P.M. Pocket Music, and the Thai 'shadow' genre. He was the first to re-interpret Thai classical melodies to latin/big band arrangements. His smaller-scale band was made up of Khabuan Mukda (ขบวน มุกดา, electric organ), Chakkrin Rasana (จักริน รสนา, electric guitar), bass guitar (Phayong Mukda) & Don Sonrabiap (ดอน สอนระเบียบ, drums).

Chakkrin Rasana later joined the band Johnny Guitar with organ player Noppharat Thiposot (นพรัตน์ ทิพย์โอสถ). The band was formed in 1963 in Bangkok and other member include Prasert Sangkla (guitar), Kua Phan Ngarm (guitar), Mongkol Moungvirote (bass), Anun Amaranont (drums).