Leh Dub 12"

Apichat Pakwan

€ 13,00
  • 1. Leh (Main)
  • 2. Leh (Dub)

The third single of Thai-Dutch collective Apichat Pakwan. Vinyl record comes in hand-stencilled cover, making every single copy unique.

"Leh Dub is easily this year's most out-there molam fusion.
Compared to its A-side counterpart, Leh Dub introduces another level of negative space layered with haunting elements of trip-hop. Despite all that, Wimonmat's reverb-drenched vocals remain, as a proper leh should, a focal point here, making this another solid molam hybrid and the most innovative one at that." - Chanun Poomsawai (TH, Bangkok Post)

  • Released on August 14, 2018
  • Vocals: Wimonmat 'Wiw' Kangjantha
  • Kaen: Pumisakseri 'Kwang' Sasida
  • Percussion: Angkanang 'Num' Pimwankum
  • Electronics, drum programming, composition: Olivier Schreuder
  • Mastering: Wouter Brandenburg
  • Condition: Mint (vinyl) / Mint (sleeve)
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