The Middle East LP

Lloyd Miller

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  • 1. Mahur
  • 2. Shur
  • 3. Isfahan
  • 4. Zarb Solo
  • 5. Spain (La Cana, Sigueriyas, And La Petenera)
  • 6. Arab World
  • 7. Turkey
  • 8. Amen Avci Vurma Beni

The second and last chapter of Dr Miller's journey between cultures and its uses, which began with "The Far East", dissected and looked into the root of the sound of distant Asia, continues with this new chapter dedicated instead to the countries bathed by the Mediterranean and contiguous to Central European history.
From Spain to Arabic sounds, a new compendium that takes us back to other places and times, Dr Miller is once again able to dissect and encapsulate sounds and spices from distant places and spaces in a time machine.
Thanks to these historical documents, we have the opportunity to discover feelings that are impossible to find 50 years later, sucked up and watered down by globalization and social capitalism.

Drum (Tar) - Manucher Paydar
Drum (Zarb), Lute (Oud), Lute (Kamanche), Lute (Sehtar) - Lloyd Miller Flute - Marilyn Miller
Guitar – Jan Otterstrom
Percussion - Stan Wood
Vocals - Anna Claire Eastmond

2022 reissue is in near perfect condition

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