Good Guys Only Win In The Movies 7"

Mel & Tim

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  • 1. Good Guys Only Win In The Movies
  • 2. I Found That I Was Wrong

Beautiful classic soultunes by Mel & Tim, famously sampled by Cypress Hill for 'Insane in the Brain', amongst others.

Cousins Mel Hardin and Tim McPherson, both from Holly Springs, Mississippi, were discovered by Gene Chandler in Chicago. Mel's mother, Yolanda Hardin, signed them to her label Bamboo Records in 1969. Their first single, "Backfield in Motion", went gold in 1969 with over one-million sales. In 1971, they were signed by Barry Beckett at Muscle Shoals sound studio and recorded "Starting All Over Again", which master was bought by Stax Records, starting a string of Stax hits and sort of filling the gap left by Sam & Dave after the split with Atlantic in 1968. Unfortunately, Tim passed away in 1986.

'Good Guys Only Win In The Movies' is also the title of their second album, which was released in 1970.

This Dutch pressing from 1970 is in excellent condition - note that the actual copy for sale sounds cleaner than the audio examples.

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