Sounding Lines 2LP

Moritz Von Oswald Trio

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  • 1. Sounding Line 1
  • 2. Sounding Line 2
  • 3. Sounding Line 3
  • 4. Sounding Line 4
  • 5. Sounding Line 5 (Spectre)
  • 6. Sounding Line 6
  • 7. Sounding Line 7
  • 8. Sounding Line 8

Moritz Von Oswald conducts a cabinet reshuffle, exchanging Vladislav Delay for legendary Afrobeat percussionist Tony Allen on his superb fourth Trio album and follow-up to 'Borderland' with Juan Atkins.

Alongside original member Max Loderbauer, the trio embark on a new and deeply charming chapter of elemental rhythm and sound exploration, positioning them ever closer to some modern day version of the Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza.
Dub is still the foundation, and jazz the teacher, but the languid roll of Allen's drums and Loderbauer's lissom bleeps now hint at a sort of retro-vintage Afro-futurism; a filigree brand of psychedelic, radiophonic jazz-funk.

It's the lushest and loosest MvO Trio LP to date, flush with keening, sweetly dissonant keys and deliquescent subbass shapes tantalisingly suspended within the mix around Allen's pensile, poised percussion, whether cutting thru the sound field like a rivet thru soft wood, or diffused into tinfoil refractions.

Original UK pressing from 2015 on Honest Jon's Records.

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