Nam Ton Tad EP 12"

Apichat Pakwan

€ 15,00
  • 1. Nam Ton Tad (Main)
  • 2. Nam Ton Tad (Dub)
  • 3. Improvisation (live at Artistry, Singapore)
  • 4. Reasonator Pt.II (live at Zaal100, Amsterdam)

"‘Nam Ton Tad’ is a sun-soaked amalgamation of groove-trenched reggae & traditional Thai molam essence. Rooted with Laotian origins from the Isan region of northern Thailand, this contemporary interpretation of ancient folk melody is both lush and intriguing" - Mixmag Asia

Apichat Pakwan's 5th vinyl release was released during the covid pandemic, and is dedicated to musician Angkanang Pimwankum's grandfather, who tragically passed away in this period, leaving Angkanang's grandmother behind to take care of their farm in Isan.

  • Released March 30, 2021
  • Voice: Wimonmat 'Wiw' Kangjantha & Pongsapon 'On' Upani
  • Kaen, phin: Pumisakseri 'Kwang' Sasida
  • Klui: Angkanang Pimwankum
  • Electronics, percussion: Olivier Schreuder
  • Mastering: Wouter Brandenburg
  • Condition: Mint (vinyl) / Mint (sleeve)
  • Ships within 1 days