Hug Sao Isan 7"

Noppadol Duangporn / Chinnakorn Krailat

€ 25,00
  • 1. Noppadol Duangporn - Hug Sao Isan
  • 2. Chinnakorn Krailat - Au Kwam Apchao Pai Pao Chiang Mai

Great rare molam-lukthung 45!

This interesting historic and diverse OG Thai pressed vinyl single has a great song in the Northeast Thai (culturally Lao) styles of molam (meaning 'expert in singing') & lukthung (meaning 'children of the countryside') on side A.
Artist Noppadol Duangporn's lyrics are about his love for the girls of Isan (Northeast Thailand), hence the title Hug Sao Isan ('Love Isan Girls'). In the break is some great traditional phin playing.
On the B-side is a lukkrung ('children of the city', referring to Bangkok) style song by Chinnakorn Krailat called 'Au Kwam Apchao Pai Pao Chiang Mai', which translates as 'bring your sadness and leave it in Chiang Mai'). It's a beautiful slowjam with a Thai classical foundation.

Audio clips are of the actual copy for sale. Condition is VG- and priced accordingly

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