Kota Bandung / Layung 7"

Nusantara Beat

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  • 1. Kota Bandung
  • 2. Layung

Nusantara Beat strikes back with a brand new 7’’! After the success of Djanger / Borondong Garing, Bongo Joe Records and Lamunai Records cooperate again to deliver these two cool tracks fusing modern influenced grooves and traditional Indonesian sonorities.

Layung is a 70’s Indonesian love song. The song's heartfelt exploration of love serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty found in the Indonesian Archipelago. Nusantara Beat's sound ingeniously wraps this song in a modern 21st-century allure, featuring elements of psychedelic-folk, trip-hop, and various other influences. Allow the soothing waves of Nusantara Beat's music to wash over you, inspiring a deeper embrace of your own heritage and fostering an appreciation for the diverse tapestry of the world that surrounds you.

Kota Bandung" mirrors the Sundanese (capital) city's rich cultural diversity. With harmonious chorus melodies that sing "Bandung" together, it's a testament to the city's spirit. Nusantara Beat's modern interpretation breathes new life into a timeless 70's Indonesian classic. Join this musical odyssey and let "Bandung" transport you to a place of cultural richness and artistic innovation. Experience the pleasure of this Amsterdam-based group paying homage to this beloved city.

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