In Daylight Dub LP


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  • 1. Renzo
  • 2. Esso
  • 3. Quarry A
  • 4. Running Dog (Reborn)

First compilation of obscure ambient dub/dub techno compositions from Pan•American, from the turn of the century, with cover sleeve created from his photographs from the same era.
Restored from original copies of x3 EPs, remastered and cut by Grammy-nominated en gineer Frank Merritt @ The Carvery, London.

The fourth release on the Foam On A Wave imprint comes in the form of a collection of rich, pulsating ambient/dub techno from Pan•American - the solo project of post-rock trio Ladbradford's front man Mark Nelson. Drawn to the incredible depth and texture of these tracks, the label hopes to shine a light on Mark's more exploratory electronic work, reminiscent of Jan Jelenik, Fennesz and Vladislav Delay.

Through the Pan•American moniker, Mark has been able to embrace the possibilities of sampling and other musical technologies in order to exercise his interests in more remote genres like dub and techno. This collection comprises Mark's dreamiest, most sumptuous and blissed-out tracks taken from 3 obscure releases on labels traversing Zedelgem, Lon don and Portland - (K-RAA-K)³, Veritcal Form and BSI Records. Across these imprints, their output spans IDM, electronica, lo-fi, experimental dub and beyond and have been a music al home to the likes of Pub, Muslimguaze, and King Jammy and more.

Mark's work sits at a confluence of these broad influences, shedding the sound of his post rock past for a more rhythmic, computer-based approach, which culminated in 2002's The River Made No Sound. As ever, the music is an emotional outpouring, progressing slowly through phases between stillness and movement, darkness and light.

With a string of recent releases on Longform Editions and his long-term home Kranky, Mark continues to write and perform worldwide at festivals and prestigious venues such as London's Cafe Oto and Public Records in Brooklyn, NYC. The increasingly personal and reflect ive nature of his music has seen him come full circle to a more organic sound, as exempli fied by his latest LP, The Patience Fader. 

This UK pressing from 2023 is in almost new condition.

  • Condition: NM (Vinyl) / NM (Cover)
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