Psyco On Da Bus 2LP

Tony Allen / Doctor L / Jean Phi Dary / Jeff Kellner / Cesar Anot

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  • 1. Afropusherman
  • 2. Never Satisfied
  • 3. Many Questions
  • 4. K.I.S. Compatible
  • 5. Pictures Talk
  • 6. Hand Full Of Sands
  • 7. Push Your Mind
  • 8. Time To Take A Rest Suite

During Tony Allen's Black Voices US tour (Spring 2000), Doctor L and the members of Afrobeat 2000 band get the idea of making a collective album all together, co-writing both songs and music and creating a new spectrum that reflects their different musical and spiritual attitude.
Partly recorded on Doctor L's G3 on the bus during the tour, finished later on different studios in Paris with guests musicians such as Smadj, Dom Farkas or Eric Gauthier, Psyco On Da Bus project fill the gap between the 70's and the new millenium, blending afrobeat rhythms, gospel & soul vocals, jazz & funk licks with wicked electronics and astonishing production.
From the futuristic funk of Afropusherman to the eastern sounds of Many Questions or the killer breakbeat Pusher Mix, from the underrated spiritual suiteTime To Take A Rest, hybrid fusion of free jazz, poetry, rare groove and nu-beats, to the outstanding Never Satisfied, and coming with 2 wicked video clips realised by Edouard Salier (also responsible of the killer artwork!) and the ubiquitous Doctor L, Psyco On Da Bus is one of the most achieved album to come out on Comet.

This is a personal favorite of us here at Animist Records, a psychedelic dub and afro classic that has been on regular rotation for years. A record that seems to stay with us, and keeps on revealing new depths and ideas every time we put it on the turntable. Highly recommended!

This French reissue from 2021 is still sealed!

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