Rabbit Stew 12"

Raw Breed

€ 7,00
  • 1. Rabbit Stew (Flame Boiled Mix)
  • 2. Rabbit Stew (LP Mix)
  • 3. How Many Lumps?
  • 4. Rabbit Stew (Bogle Mix)
  • 5. Rabbit Stew (Vegetarian Mix)
  • 6. How Many Lumps? (Instrumental)

Dope underground hiphop debut 12" from Bronx-based crew Raw Breed.
Alongside Onyx, with whom Raw Breed are all too frequently compared, this Bronx, New York, USA troupe encapsulate the ‘Nastee nigga’ term which has been coined to address their sound. After a brief sojourn with Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, Raw Breed hooked up with Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate to launch their career. The band comprise Mark Rippin (cousin of Ultramagentic MC’s Kool Keith) and four others, and kicked off their career with this ‘Rabbit Stew’ single, which complained about ‘all the wack MCs, and wack groups that came out in ‘93’. A major label contract led to their 1997 album 'Blood, Sweat & Tears which was released on CD & cassette, but strange enough not on vinyl.

Original US pressing from 1993 is in very good condition. Still has factory seal around the cover.

  • Condition: VG+ (Vinyl) / NM (Cover)
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