Are You Satisfied Yet? - สะใจแล้วหรือยัง LP

Sakhon Mankhong - สาครมั่นคง

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  • 1. สะใจแล้วหรือยัง - Are you satisfied yet?
  • 2. มีรักเหมือนลีลาวดี่ - Have love like Ms. Lila Wadi
  • 3. บุญแข่งเรือ - Boat Racing Merit Ceremony
  • 4. รถไถเถ้าแก่ - Boss tractor
  • 5. เสือใบ - Bisexual
  • 6. จดหมายในตะกร้า - Mail in the basket
  • 7. ผีปั้นหลุดมือ - The ghost slipped out of his hand
  • 8. สาวแมงกะไซด์ - Jellyfish Girl
  • 9. เลือดสามสาย - Three blood lines
  • 10. เบื่อแม่ยาย - Bored of mother-in-law

Fantastic 80's molam (Lao folkmusic) album from Northeast Thailand with many great songs, funky intro's and full of potential samples.
The title, 'Sachai Leo Reujang', means 'Are You Satisfied Yet?'

The talented singer Sakhon Mankhong (สาครมั่นคง) is accompanied by a mix of synthesizers, funky organs and traditional instruments like the phin & kaen, on top of 80's drummachine-beats that still play the characteristic Isan-style molam rhythms.
Arranged by Noom Phuthai, and produced by Suriyan Malathong.

Original Thai pressing on the Topline Music label from 1986 is in very good condition. The vinyl plays very well, the cover has quite some wear.

  • Condition: VG (Vinyl) / VG- (Cover)
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