Noom Morlam Sao Morkaen LP

Somkuan Pongsai & Phongphan Phetphuthai - สมควร ผ่องได้ & พรพรรณ เพชรภูไท

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  • 1. หนุ่มหนาวสาวร้อน - Cold boy, hot girl
  • 2. หนุ่มลาวสาวภูไท - Lao boy, Phu Thai girl
  • 3. ขอจูบก่อนจาก - Ask for a kiss before leaving
  • 4. อาลัยลัดดา - Farewell to Ladda
  • 5. เปิดใจรอ - Open your heart and wait
  • 6. กว่าจะเป็นดาว - Until becoming a star
  • 7. รอวันสวรรค์โปรด - Waiting for heaven's favorite day
  • 8. ห่วงหาอาวรณ์ - Concern for your feelings
  • 9. อกหักมาด้วยกัน - Broken hearts come together
  • 10. ไม่ง้อไม่แคร์ - Don't worry, don't care

Very characteristic molam (Lao folkmusic) album from Thailand, produced in 1993.
It's a duo-album, with male singer Somkuan Pongsai (สมควร ผ่องได้) & Phongphan Phetphuthai (พรพรรณ เพชรภูไท) singing about typical subjects for molam: heartbreak, cheating, loneliness and missing your loved one who works far away in Bangkok.
The title 'Noom Morlam Sao Morkaen' means 'boy expert in singing, girl expert in kaen-playing' (the kaen is the Lao mouthorgan traditionally accompanying molam).
Singer Phongphan Phetphuthai is, like her name implies, a 'diamond from the Phu Thai' tribe, which is an ethnic minority group of people originally from Laos, and now mainly living in Northeast Thailand (Isan), who still have a distinctive culture and particular folkmusic & dance repertory.

On the back of the LP cover is an interesting text written by the producer, which roughly translates as:

'Dear media outlets and everyone who is interested in Thai art and culture, we consider it (molam) a priceless national treasure because it is the inheritance of our grandparents. We all must work together to preserve it so that it will remain a treasure for future generations like these two artists, Khun Somkuan Phongsai and Khun Phonphan Phetphuthai, who push their art forward within Thai culture. Molam has been spread in the United States in many states. In the past month of November 1993, foreigners have also start to like Thai art and culture. So why do we allow Western art and civilization to start dominating the minds of our children and grandchildren like today? I am a different person who absolutely will not give in. Even if my work is not successful, I will continue to fight along with you. Somkuan Phongsai and Ms. Phonphan Phetphuthai volunteered to help me promote and preserve our Thai art and culture so that it does not disappear. Therefore, I would like to bring this album generously to all media. Please help spread our Thai art and culture forever. Thank you very much.

The producer.'

Original Thai pressing from 1993 is in excellent condition. The vinyl looks and sounds great, the cover looks very good as well but has some signs of usage.

  • Condition: VG++ (Vinyl) / VG+ (Cover)
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