Lam Plern Hom Khrung 7" - ลำเพลินฮมกรุง

Sonthaya Kalasin - สนธยา กาฬสินธุ์

€ 25,00
  • 1. Phairin Phonpiboon - Lam Plern Wasana Noi
  • 2. Sonthaya Kalasin - Lam Plern Hom Krung

The real thing right here: an original 7" from Thailand with excellent traditional molam, the highly danceable folkmusic genre of the Lao people who majorily live in Northeast Thailand.
Both sides are in the popular 'lam plern' style and of high musical quality, with topnotch singing performances, the trance-invoking sounds of the traditional phin & kaen instruments, and contagious rhythms and basslines.
The 'Tid So Lam Plern Music Band' accompanies the singers on both sides.

Side A contains the song 'Lam Ploen Wasana Noi' by Phairin Phonpiboon (ไพรินทร์ พรพิบูลย์).
She was born in 1956 in Phibun Mangsahan, a village in Ubon Ratchathani province in Northeast Thailand famous for the crafting of musical instruments like drums and gongs. Her most succesful years were in the late-70s and early-80s when she worked with Thai studio legend Surin Paksiri.
Many of her songs were reissued over the years, but this gem wasn't.

On Side B we find a fantastic lam plern song by famous molam Sonthaya Kalasin. Besides an excellent singer they is of the first generation Thai transgenders that had surgery to become physically a woman.

This vinyl single on 45 RPM is the original Thai pressing from the early '80s. The vinyl plays well but has crackles in several parts. Listen to the audio examples for an impression.

  • Condition: G (Vinyl) / Generic (Cover)
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