Thailand - Lao Music Of The Northeast LP


  • 1. Pin Solo in Lum Plün by Sommai Salat
  • 2. Kaen Solo of Sootsanaen by Tawng-koon See-a-aroon
  • 3. Kaen Solo of Lai Bo-sai by Sootee haidilut
  • 4. Kaw-Law by Two Musicians
  • 5. Kaen Solo Soi by Sootee
  • 6. Kaen Solo Vai by Tawng-koon
  • 7. Hün Solo by Sootee
  • 8. Kaen Solo in Lai Noi by Sootee
  • 9. Kaen Solo and Pong-lang by Tawng-koon
  • 10. Saw-bip Solo by Tawng-koon
  • 11. Kaen Solo of Maeng Poo by Tawng-koon
  • 12. Kaen Hok Solo in Lai Noi by Tawng-koon
  • 13. Lum Tang Sun by Boonpeng
  • 14. Lum Tang Sun by Wichian
  • 15. Lum Tang Vao, Lum Doi by Wichian And oonpeng

Beautiful LP with fieldrecordings made by ethnomusicologist Terry Miller of Lao folkmusic, also known as molam, from Northeast Thailand, a region also known as Isan.
The recordings of high audio quality include mainly solo instrumental pieces on Side A, and vocal pieces on Side B, accompanied by the traditional 'kaen' mouthorgan.
Highly authentic and traditional performances and repertory, which are equally suitable for listening as dancing.

Original US pressing from 1982 on Lyrichord is in excellent condition.

  • Condition: VG+ (Vinyl) / VG (Cover)
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