Toey Sao Chan - เต้ยสาวจันทร์คนเก่า - 7"

Tian Mathurot - เทียน มธุรส

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  • 1. Toey Sao Chan - เต้ยสาวจันทร์คนเก่า
  • 2. Toey Hinchai Siblor - เต้ยเห็นใจสิบล้อ

Fantastic original 45 from Northeast Thailand with groovy molam (Isan folkmusic) and an intro on the A-side that reminds of P-funk.
The B-Side features the traditional Isan string instrument called phin with psychedelic effects, and a synthesizer mimicing the Isan 'vot' flute.
Both tracks are by molam Tian Mathurot (เทียน มธุรส), who also made some records together with the 'King of Lukthung' Pongsak Songsaeng who recently passed away.
Additionally both tracks are excellent arranged and produced.

In 'Toey Sao Chan' on Side A Tian Mathurot responds to a famous song by singer Pongsak Songsaeng, 'Sao Chan Khrang Khop'. Tian takes the role of the girl that Pongsak sings about in his song, a lyrical form of repartee-singing that is not only common in molam, but is also found in other Southeast Asian folkmusic.

'Toey Hinchai Siblor' on the B-Side is a song in which Tian Mathurot shows respect for her husband who is truck driver ('siblor'), and tells how hard their life his.

Original Thai pressing on the Krishna label is in very good condition. Audio clips are from the actual copy for sale.

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