Mechanism Nice / Nottz 12"

Ultramagnetic MC's

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  • 1. Mechanism Nice (Born Twice) (Explicit Version)
  • 2. Nottz (Explicit Version)
  • 3. Mechanism Nice (Born Twice) (Clean Version)
  • 4. Mechanism Nice (Born Twice) (Instrumental)
  • 5. Mechanism Nice (Born Twice) (Vox Only)
  • 6. Nottz (Clean Version)
  • 7. Nottz (Instrumental)
  • 8. Nottz (Vox Only)

Lead single preceding the Ultramagnetic MC's album 'The Best Kept Secret'.

The Ultramagnetic MC's, based in The Bronx, New York City, was founded by Kool Keith. The group also includes Ced Gee, TR Love, and Moe Love. Tim Dog became an unofficial member in 1989. The group's work is associated with unorthodox sampling, polysyllabic rhymes, and bizarre lyrical imagery.

The Ultramagnetic MCs formed in 1984. Their first single was "To Give You Love" (1985). The group released "Ego Trippin'", its first 12-inch single on Next Plateau Records in 1986. It was the first hiphop track to feature the "Synthetic Substitution" drumbreak sample by Melvin Bliss and one of the most sampled songs of all time. The Ultramagnetic MCs released a new school classic in 1988, Critical Beatdown, introducing many new sampling techniques. Many believe that without the group's primary producer, Ced Gee, the golden era of sampling may have looked very different. Ced, while uncredited, also produced the majority of Boogie Down Productions' seminal Criminal Minded. These albums are among the first to use "chopped" samples, rearranged and edited to change context. Both albums also feature many James Brown samples, which became prominent in hiphop in ensuing years. KRS-One has been quoted as saying that he was close to joining Ultramagnetic MCs early on. Paul C. was also a major contributor to Critical Beatdown, producing "Give The Drummer Some," and engineering most of the album.

In a 9 December 2005 interview on Houston's Late Nite Snax radio show, Kool Keith confirmed rumours that the Ultramagnetic MC's had reformed and recorded a new album. Founding Ultramagnetic MC's member Ced Gee has set up Factshen Records. A new Ultramagnetic MC's LP, Back to the Future—The Bronx Kings Are Back, was scheduled to be released in 2006 but was later named The Best Kept Secret and released in January 2007.

This original US pressing of the 12" single from 2006 is in excellent condition.

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