Un Rio De Sangre LP

Violeta Parra

€ 10,00
  • 1. Santiago Peñando Estas
  • 2. Segun El Favor Del Viento
  • 3. El Santo Padre
  • 4. Hasta Cuando Estas
  • 5. Cantos A Lo Divino
  • 6. La Carta
  • 7. En Los Jardines Humanos
  • 8. Un Rio De Sangre
  • 9. ¿Que Vamos A Hacer ?
  • 10. Tename En Tu Corazon
  • 11. Arauco Tiene Una Peña

Famous folkmusic LP from Chile, in a beautiful French gatefold pressing.

Violeta Parra (born October 14, 1917 in San Carlos de Itihue, Chile) was a notable Chilean folklorist and visual artist. She set the basis for Nueva Canción Chilena, a renewal and a reinvention of Chilean folk music. Parra revived the Peña, (now known as La Peña de Los Parra), a community center for the arts and for political activism. Her most renowned song, Gracias a la Vida, was popularized throughout Latin America by Mercedes Sosa and later in the US by Joan Baez. It remains one of the most covered Latin American songs.

Along with Gabriela Pizarro and Margot Loyola she´s considered one of the most important, central, essential and former members of the chilean folklore history and the duty of collecting, testify (recording) and investigate the origins, develop and richness of the native rural music of her country.

This French pressing from 1974 on Arion is in very good condition. Note that the actual LP for sale is cleaner sounding than the audio examples.

  • Condition: VG+ (vinyl) / VG+ (Cover)
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