Ain't No Sunshine - 心上人 - 7"

Wong Ching Yian & The Stylers - 黃清元

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  • 1. 留不住的你 - I Can't Keep You (Ain't No Sunshine cover)
  • 2. 心上人 - Sweetheart
  • 3. 淡水河邊 - Tamsui Riverside
  • 4. 鈔票與我 - Money & Me

Rare and in demand Singapore soul-surf-garage EP on 7" from 1971. Original pressing on Panda Records (YHEP 212) in VG+ condition including picture cover!

Wong Ching Yian (黃清元), also known as Huang Qing Yuan, is a famous singer from Singapore. He started his career in the '60's and was called the 'Elvis of Singapore'.
The song he is most well known for is Man Li (蔓莉). At the 2015 Getai Awards, he received a contribution award in honour of his 40 years of getai performance. Getai refers to boisterous live stage performances typically held during the Ghost Festival in the seventh lunar month and on the birthdays of Chinese deities. These shows are commonly organised in Singapore, Malaysia and some parts of Indonesia (mainly in Riau, Riau Islands and North Sumatra).

The Stylers were a Singapore garage group inspired by The Shadows. During the 60s and 70s, The Stylers were one of the most popular local groups, proficient in both Eastern and Western music although they were much better known among the Mandarin speaking masses. They were probably the local group that released the most records in different languages including Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Cantonese, both instrumentals and vocals, and even a few Malay albums. The group produced more than a thousand records in total, which also included works with other popular artistes from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.
In addition, the group recorded with more than 30 different recording companies from the region. The group’s repertoire of Eastern and Western music ranges from A-Go-Go, Off-Beat Cha Cha, Classical Chinese Instrumentals, Soul, Rhythm & Blues and more.

This 45 RPM EP contains 4 songs, of which a fantastic cover of Bill Wither's classic soul tune 'Ain't No Sunshine'. Listen to all four audio clips for an impression. The cover has some wear aroun the edges but otherwise looks great.

  • Condition: VG+ (Vinyl) / VG+ (Cover)
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