Bengkhong Lam Plern 7"

Yodrak Salakjai - ยอดรัก สลักใจ

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  • 1. Bengkhong Lam Plern - เบ่งโขงลำเพลิน
  • 2. Fish - ตกเบ็ด

Funky Isan-Thai lukthung-molam 45 by famous singer Yodrak Salakjai.

The song on the A-side, 'Bengkhong Lam Plern', is about the man inviting a girl for a traditional shower in the Mekong river. It is in the 'lam plern' style of molam, the folkmusic of the Lao, on a funky groove with conga's and the traditional 'phin' string instrument.
The B-Side is a melancholic song about fishing, which starts with some funky Thai drums and percussion - great sampling material.

Yodrak Salakjai (ยอดรัก สลักใจ) his real name was Niphon Praiwan (โทนิพนธ์ ไพรวัลย์). Besides a famous molam-lukthung singer and actor he was also a police officer.
He was born in 1956 in Pichit Province, Northeast Thailand. His nickname was 'Aew' (แอ๊ว).
He grew up in a financially very poor family. His father passed away when Salakjai was seven. He left his family at age 11 to become a singer. He joined the Ked Noi Watthana Ram Wong Band, where he earned 5–10 baht per show.
He sang in various nightclubs and restaurants in Nakhon Sawan province, which at that time was a redlight district because it was home to a United States Air Force Base during the Vietnam War.
Thai radio DJ Dedduang Dokrak heard him sing here and helped him get more gigs. His first stage name Yodrak Lukphichit (ยอดรัก ลูกพิจิตร) and he recorded three studio albums under this name, none who got a lot of succes.
In 1976 Chonlathee Tharnthong composed the song 'Jod Mai Jak Naew Naa' (จดหมายจากแนวหน้า) which Yodrak sang. This finally became a big hit, and his stage name was changed to Yodrak Salakjai.
Throughout his 36 years in showbiz he has performed 4,200 songs and has also starred in films such as 1998's 'Crime Kings'. One of his most popular songs 'Sam Sib Yang Jeaw' (สามสิบยังแจ๋ว) has been re-recorded by many young performers in various genres, even alternative rock.
Yodrak Salakjai passed away at the age of 52 in 2008.

Lyrics: Prayong Chuenyen
Melody composed by: King Korakot

Original Thai pressing from the '70's in in very good condition. B-Side has some crackles, listen to audio clips for an impression of this copy.

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