The Magic Number

The Netherlands

The Magic Number is an experimental sound collective consisting of Robin Koek, Olivier Schreuder and Jeroen van Aalst. They create new live soundtracks for (experimental) silent movies. Their process can be described as comprovisation: working with a predefined electro-acoustic framework while also having a certain extent of freedom to play and adjust sounds and effects live.
Their combination of analog and digital sources, field recordings and synths, samples and sound design, accumulate in a highly idiosyncratic experience of dystopian tones and rhythms, as can be heard on their first release Refraction on Animist Records.

Robin Koek is a Dutch electroacoustic composer, performer and sound designer. Besides his autonmous work he is part of Berlin-based techno-due Artefakt, and solo as Cyspe, with releases on Delsin, Field, Prologue and his own Insula imprint.
Olivier Schreuder met Robin Koek when both studied Musictechnology in the Netherlands, and specializes in finding new forms of traditional acoustic soundworlds and musiccultures with contemporary electronics, as can be heard in his project Apichat Pakwan.
Jeroen van Aalst is a devoted vinyl collector and as part of DJ collective Discos Horizontes resident at some of the biggest festivals of the Netherlands like Lowlands & Down The Rabbit Hole.

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