Hiss Sound

The Netherlands

Hiss Sound is the new project of Dutch musician Olivier Schreuder, who is also behind the Thai-Dutch collective Apichat Pakwan.
On their first album Taraf he collaborates with four Dutch musicians who specialize in North-Indian classic music: Martijn Baaijens, Aura Rascon, Heiko Dijker & Raj Mohan. Longtime-collaborator Robin Koek plays drums on a few tracks, and co-produced the first album.

Like Apichat Pakwan the music is at the crossroads of Western, electronic and Asian music, with influences of dub, hiphop and electro.
Besides Indian instruments like the sarod, bansuri, sitar & tabla there are also electric and acoustic guitars, bassguitar and drums.
In each track they interact in a different way with a wide range of synthesizers and drummachines, like the vintage analog Formanta Polivoks and the 909, to form gritty, bassheavy dancefloor-oriented grooves that move between traditional raga-structures, contemporary electronic music and comprovisations.

“Vintage analog electronics and forceful beats get pleasantly deranged by traditional Indian rhythms where necessary. The way the bansuri (Indian flute) interacts with percussion and electronics in Mishra Adelita is extraordinarily beautiful. A treat for adventurous ears.” – Mixed World Music (NL)

"A genuinely new fusion of raga-based and electronic dance music; the result is sometimes jazzy, sometimes funky, often a bit gritty, and consistently both fun and interesting." - CD HotList New Releases for Libraries

"A very interesting meeting between Indian sounds and contemporary electronics. Like Apichat Pakwan this group doesn't just spice up some house or techno with samples, but enriches the traditional music with electronics & experiment" - BenedenNAP (NL)

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