Lamaihansa is a ska-reggae-band from Northeast Thailand, a region also known as 'Isan'. The culture, music and spoken language is mainly Lao.
'Molam', which is the traditional folkmusic of the Lao, is the starting point of the band. First, the singer of the band, explains further: "we want to create beautiful things and preserve the roots of our culture, 'morlam', in the way of language, melodies, and unique musical instruments. We are proud to present them and combine with the Jamaican rhythms that we like to create a new, fun, cheerful and refreshing way of listening to morlam. That's why we call our music morlam-reggae".

Animist Records is proud to present the band to the world of music lovers outside of Thailand, after they discovered the group around 2017 while touring with Apichat Pakwan in Southeast Asia. Apichat Pakwan joined the group for a few shows, including a legendary show on the Vang Vieng Music Fest in Laos.

On 25 November 2023 Animist Records releases Asian Tropical Bass Vol.1, an EP on 12" vinyl that contains Lamaihansa's biggest hit so far, 'Don't Wash'. The song already hit the 5 million+ views on YouTube, and blends molam, lukthung (another Thai-Lao folkmusic genre), reggae, ska and hiphop in a personal and highly entertaining style.
The band’s instrumentation includes the phin, a semi-acoustic string instrument from Laos & Thailand, alongside the comtemporary roots-reggae-sound of the band. Teasing lyrics in the Lao language between male singer First and female MC Sarunya deal with the challenges of domestic responsibilities.
Watch the videoclip of 'Don't Wash' here.

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