Apichat Pakwan

Amsterdam / Thailand


Apichat Pakwan is a Dutch-Thai live band and DJ-VJ duo based in Amsterdam. Their music is a mix of molam, dub, hiphop and electro, and can also be described as Asian tropical bass.

They perform with their own compositions, as well as with new interpretations of classic Thai and Lao folkmusic repertory.
The music collective is founded in 2015 by Dutch musician Olivier Schreuder (electronics, compositions, traditional Thai instruments) and Thai musician Angkanang Pimwankum (percussion).
They compose and perform with an alternating group of musicians from the Northeast region of Thailand, also known as Isan.

The group is formed in the city of Khon Kaen. Dutch musician Olivier Schreuder studies Isan folkmusic with Thai musician Pongsapon ‘On’ Upani, who introduces him to Angkanang Pimwankum. Together with Arthit Krajangsree they record their first EP called ‘Angkanang’ in 2016, which is released on the Dutch-Thai label Animist Records. Four tracks of the EP are also released on two vinyl singles.

The group debuts live on the Khon Kaen Filmfestival in 2017, followed by shows in local Thai folkmusic clubs like Kittasin, and Siam Paragon Songkran Wonderland Festival 2017 in Bangkok.
In that year the group tours for the first time in The Netherlands, with shows on the Thailand Grand Festival in The Hague and Blierock in Venlo.

In 2018 Thai singer Wimonmat ‘Wiw’ Kangjantha joins the group, shifting the focus from instrumental music to more songs, sung in the Isan language.

They tour in Singapore, Thailand and Laos, with highlights performing on the Jim Thompson Molam Bus stage of the Jai Thep Festival in Chiang Mai, and a live performance on Thai national TV-station Workpoint.

 2019 brings more concerts in Thailand, followed by a tour in Europe, including shows on Fusion Festival (Germany), World Experience Festival (Romania), Na Fir Bolg (Belgium), Amsterdam Roots (NL) and the Houtfestival (NL).
Together with Thai singer Anusara ‘Bee’ Deechaichana they compose several new songs this year.
In October of that year they release their first full album on Animist Records called Esantronics.

The corona pandemic makes it impossible for the band to tour, so the founding members shift focuss to DJ-VJ sets. In 2021 they release a new EP called Nam Ton Tad, perform at the redeemed WOMEX Festival in Portugal and start a new monthly radioshow 'Outernational Connections' on Amsterdam-based Echobox Radio.

in 2023 the band is able to start touring again, which is celebrated with 8 concerts in Thailand, including a return to the Isan Creative Festival.
In November of 2023 Animist Records releases the critically acclaimed 'Asian Tropical Bass Vol.1 EP' featuring the psychedelic 'Lao Cow' of the group plus remixes.

The press about the collective:

"With their Nam Ton Tad EP Apichat Pakwan created a sun-soaked amalgamation of groove-trenched reggae & traditional Thai molam essence.
Rooted with Laotian origins from the Isan region of northern Thailand, this contemporary interpretation of ancient folk melody is both lush and intriguing" - Mixmag Asia

“One of those East-meets-West experiments that works very well. The Western dub and hiphop do not dominate the Isan music; everything is fused to create something new and refreshing." – Bangkok Post (Thailand)

"Apichat Pakwan creates a seamless blend of electronics and molam music and to their credit the electronic elements don't steal the show. A fascinating debut. Highly recommended. ★★★★" - Songlines Magazine #154 (UK)

“The musicians of Apichat Pakwan know the traditional Thai music so well they are capable like no one else to give it a modern twist. The intoxicating groove they create sounds equally logical and exotic.” – Job De Wit (We Are Public, Oor, DJ Broadcast - NL)

"We love it so much!" - Yīn Yīn (NL)

“Most innovative molam group around” – Bangkok Post (Thailand)

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