Pha Khao Ma

Northeast-Thai Textile

€ 18,90

A 'Pha Khao Ma' is a multi-purpose loincloth from the Northeast part of Thailand, a region also known as Isan.
It can be used as scarf, skirt, headband, table cloth or wall decoration. But in Isan it also serves as baby hammock, sitting cloth, decoration for traditional ceremonial tools, storage bag, a sleeping pad, a bathing wear, a towel for drying the body and filling of a broken bike tyre!

This is a factory-made Pha Khao Ma from cotton in Isan.
Traditionally they are woven by women, but worn by both men and women. It is a very outspoken cultural symbol and usually worn with pride to show the Isan cultural background. It is therefore also associated with molam (folkmusic) culture.

It is a cloth that is very light and dries easy.

  • Size: 168 x 75 cm
  • Made from cotton